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Tailor-made earmould for earphone

Music lovers may be aware that soft earphone tips accompanying their high fidelity earphones are not tight and comfort enough while listening to portable music players.

Earmoulds for earphones are tailor-made earplugs according to the shape of an individual's ear canals (please refere to the procedures for taking ear impression). Because tailor-made earmoulds for earphones are crafted based on the shape of ear canals, they will be tight and comfort enough for the user. There are advantages for using tailor-made earmoulds for earphones:

Earplugs are tight enough
Background noise can be attenuated to bring about the best listening effects
Volume can be set at a relatively low level to protect hearing
Earplugs are comfortable and easy to wear
Earplugs are small, durable, and easy to clean
Suitable for use with major brands of earphones, e.g., Etymotic Research IncĦAShureĦA
WestoneĦAUltimate Ears, Bang & Olufsen, Final, JAYS, and bluetooth headset

Silicon earplugs (SennheiserĦBShureĦBUltimate EarsĦBWestone ĦBFinalĦBJAYS earphones)

Silicon earplugs (For swimming earphone, SONY MP3 player)

Silicon earplugs (Ordinary bluetooth headset, depending on the size of headset and wearer's ear canal)

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