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EarPlanes (non-custom made)
EarPlanes are a patented pressure-regulating earplug inserted in the ear to help reduce discomfort often associated with air travel. They were developed by the United States (US); and have been tested by US Navy aviators at the Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego.

Discomfort on plane, especially during descent, is usually caused by blockage and/or swelling of Eustachian tube because the change of air pressure during ascent and descent are too rapid for Eustachian tube to adjust properly. EarPlanes help relieve pressure discomfort by regulating the air pressure at the exterior and interior of middle ear.

EarPlanes are intended for people with sensitive ears and for those who must fly with a cold, allergy or sinus condition. Children aged from 1 to 11 years can use child version EarPlanes. For those who suffer severe ear blockage, we advise them to avoid traveling and consult an ear specialist.

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